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Welcome to eCycle Florida

Ecycle Florida, LLC is your source for R2 Certified Electronics recycling.

A R2 Certified electronics recycling company in the state of the Florida. Our processes and procedures are dedicated to the proper destruction and recycling of your Electronics. This means strict guidelines are present to protect the environment. This also means that your data is always protected. All items that hold data are destroyed properly. The Ecycle Florida recycling method will give you piece of mind that all of your items are recycled utilizing best practices.  This why companies like Tampa Electric, Sykes Enterprises, Publix and Citizens Insurance turn to Ecycle, one of Florida’s most reputable r2 recycling companies, is there for your IT asset disposition needs.


Ecycle Florida recycles all types of Electronics, including computers, laptops, cell phones, servers, monitors, etc..  Our professional dedicated disposal team can assist onsite, which includes proper hand-off for items and asset disposal lists by serial number.  We provide a certificate of destruction for all items and can include serialized asset list at no charge.


Electronic recycling with Ecycle Florida is effective and efficient and we will show you the difference in our ability to provide the best possible service in regards to computer recycling, electronic recycling, laptop recycling or any other electronics you need to be recycled.  Our mission is to provide our clients a seamless process while upholding our R2 certification.  From residential clients to enterprise data centers, we are here to assist you with your Electronic recycling needs.


Corporate Services

Guaranteed that all of your universal waste management is performed safely and responsibly. We serve several different industries with only a few listed below. Contact us today!

Convenient Pickup

We offer business pickup services to safely recycle your electronics in a safe manner. Scheduling is made easy at your convenience! Contact us today.

R2 Certified

R2 certification means that eCycle Florida demonstrated to an independent auditor their commitment to reuse and recycle the maximum amount possible and more.

Our Mission

About us

Our mission is to provide white glove service for deinstallation and equipment removal and keep as much electronic waste from ending up in local landfills as we can.

R2 certification means that eCycle Florida demonstrated to an independent auditor their commitment to reuse and recycle the maximum amount possible of electronics they receive, and also to eradicate the harmful effects to the environment or humans working with the items they collect. The responsibility does not stop there for eCycle Florida as the company has to ensure the electronics are managed correctly by their downstream partners and ensure that all data, such as hard drives or computers, is destroyed.

Ensuring that all Data is destroyed. Offering Hard Drive Destruction. All products that are recycled will have Data destroyed safely and securely. All Hard Drives are removed and destroyed has part of our Electronic Recycling Process.

Our R2 certification makes protecting the environment part of our electronic recycling process. All material we recycle follows a downstream flow to ensure item our recycled properly. Our process also keeps in mind the reuse of electronics, computers, laptops and IT Hardware.