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An Intro into E-waste: Why it’s a problem

E-waste remains one of the fastest-growing waste management problems on our planet. It’s estimated that we produced nearly 50,000,000 tons of E-waste each year and with the increase in electronic sales and new devices, these are numbers that are set to go up. Here is an intro into E-waste and why it is a problem.

Electronic waste involves electrical and electronic equipment that has been outdated or upgraded. If you have electronics that are broken or you have simply switched up to a new device that offers more features, it can be very tempting to throw out the old device. In our world, we are currently only recycling 10% of all E-waste and this is a figure that could be greatly improved. The other 90% of E-waste is traded illegally, placed into landfills, or incinerated.

Why is E-waste so Bad?

E-waste contains a series of chemicals that are extremely harmful to the environment and to people. Beryllium, led, brominated flame retardants, cadmium, and other components can be mishandled for the disposal process and this can often place them into our air, soil, and water. Electronic waste can also be legally exported from countries that don’t have any laws surrounding the disposal and handling of E-waste materials. This means that there are many places that simply shift their E-waste out to these countries and then make sure that the components can be simply dumped. Some valuable materials are recovered but it often takes place in unsafe working conditions that can also affect the surrounding environment. 

How We Work to Manage The Problem

Working with a professional E-waste company like ours can make sure that you limit the impact that E-waste has on the overall environment. By being more mindful of the way that your e-waste is handled, you can prevent the effect it has on the surrounding ecosystems and make sure that more components in e-waste are appropriately recycled. 

Our Team Can

Reduce Waste: We work by reducing E-waste by refurbishing electronics or donated electronics to local community organizations. We offer reuse and refurbishment of a variety of E-waste components that would otherwise end up in landfills. 

Recycling: our team works to recycle e-waste in the correct way. This often means disassembling components, removing data, and destroying storage devices as well as making sure that every recyclable component can be used appropriately. We want to remove every possible component that can be recycled or reused from electronic waste and make sure that it’s diverged from landfills. We also work to remove any of the harmful components and dispose of them accordingly to make sure that they will not damage the surrounding ecosystem. 

This is just an intro into E-waste there is so much more information regarding this matter. Rather than being a part of the problem with e-waste, consider our solution to help you dispose of your old electronics. We are a group that can help you with the best in support for your electronic waste disposal. Contact us now and we can make sure that your E-waste is handled appropriately.

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