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Battery Recycling In Pinellas County

Battery Recycling

Batteries are a major problem associated with Electronics waste. Choosing an electronic waste recycling program in Pinellas county is a far better choice for your battery disposal. Battery recycling in Pinellas County can help to prevent the chance that a variety of batteries will make their way into landfills and leech into the surrounding environment.

Certain electronic batteries like alkaline batteries are available for disposal in Pinellas county landfill and waste management services. Other types of electronic waste batteries should never go to the trash bin. A typical battery contains plenty of harmful materials like heavy metals, chemicals, and more. Treating any battery as though it is electronic waste is the best course of action. 

Lead-acid batteries which are common for use in vehicles and cars can be extremely hazardous to the environment if they are disposed of with regular trash. These types of batteries are considered one of the most hazardous for the environment and federal law prohibits anyone from throwing them into the garbage. Many electronics waste programs will offer car battery recycling centers that can properly dispose of the components found in these batteries. 

Household batteries such as nickel-cadmium, alkaline, and Mercury are also extremely dangerous forms of e-waste. These are the ties to batteries that are common amongst many electronic devices. Working with an e-waste recycling program will make sure that these can be removed from landfills and that the harmful components inside do not have a chance to leech into the surrounding environment. 

Even if you cannot remove batteries from a set area of an electronic device, many CPUs keyboards, cellphones, telephones, alarm clocks, printers, and more can contain small batteries which can eventually turn into a large problem as they break down. Many electronic devices include battery backups for clocks and important displays that are required for the operations of the device. Proper disposal of these items can be crucial to saving the surrounding environment and preventing the leaching of components into the surrounding environment. When working with a professional electronics recycling company, we can make sure that you will be able to access a team that is capable of quality work and knowledge of electronics. 

E-cycling can use all applicable components and remove harmful items like batteries from electronics in Pinellas county. E-waste recyclers will have knowledge of electronics that require disassembly and they will work to make sure that the job is done well. Rather than potentially placing harmful components into the surrounding environment, the team can ensure that the process is done safely and quickly and with the consideration of the valuable materials inside each of the pieces of electronic waste. 

Contact our team today to learn more about battery disposal in Pinellas county and how you can prevent e-waste from making an impact on the surrounding environment and check out what our customers are raving about! We will help you with proper battery recycling techniques.