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hard drive destruction Miami

Why Hard Drive Destruction In Miami Matters

Effective hard drive destruction in Miami and elimination is an essential part of data security. Failing to properly destroy data can have serious negative consequences, which we will discuss in detail later in this article. For now, suffice it to say your compliance, security, and commitment to clients and customers are all at risk. More…

5 Hard Facts About Lead In E-waste In Tampa

5 Hard Facts About Lead In E-waste In Tampa Bay

5 Hard Facts About Lead In E-waste In Tampa Bay

The lead-in E-waste in Tampa Bay is a crisis in this day in age in the Bay area and the rest of the country. The environment is so endangered by lead that Congress banned the use of lead paint in American households in 1971. Pb, a highly durable mineral element, is sweet-tasting and can be dangerous for children. However, lead ingestion can cause irreversible neurological disorders in infants or toddlers that can last into adulthood.

However, that’s not all lead poisoning can do. Lead poisoning can cause anemia, nerve damage, and even death. Lead poisoning, especially in children can cause learning and intelligence problems, as well as frustratingly complex behavioral challenges.