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Cell Phone Recycling In Tampa

Cell Phone Recycling In Tampa

With more people using smartphones than ever before, it is no wonder that the waste on smartphones is at an all-time high as well. If you’ve just upgraded your smartphone and you are looking at properly disposing of the old model, is very tempting to simply throw out the old model. The average American is replacing their smartphone every 18 months and this is causing an extensive amount of electronic waste.  If you are looking for cell phone recycling in Tampa then contact eCycles Florida.

Rather than disposing of your smartphone, it is a much wiser option to consider recycling the phone or taking it to an eCycle facility. If every American was to recycle their phone this would lead to understanding 120 million funds spared from a landfill every year. With the speed that technology is developing, adopting the strategy of recycling could help to spare a large number of cell phones from being disposed of in an improper manner. 

The Problem With Cell Phones Not Being Recycled

Improper methods of disposal with cell phone technology lead to a series of hazardous materials that can pollute the air and groundwater. When you throw out an old smartphone or cell phone, these components inside the battery technology, the heat shields, the screens, and more can break down and leech into the surrounding soil. When these components had the chance to enter into the groundwater they can begin to cause a series of problems with the surrounding environment or even end up in small traces throughout drinking water and other things we consume every day. 

You can limit the chance of this happening by properly recycling your old technology. With proper technology recycling, you can limit the chance that hazardous materials will be put into a landfill or made concern for the surrounding environment. 

A Large Amount Of The Material Can Be Recycled

You might be surprised to know that a large degree of the material that’s used in many modern cell phones can be recycled. Around 80% of the material that’s used in smartphones can be recycled and this doesn’t account for the number of smartphones that would be beneficial if they were to be redistributed. The redistribution of smartphones is happening all across America. 

Why Go To a Cell Phone Recycling Company In Tampa

When you go to a cell phone recycling facility in Tampa, you can work with a reputable company that will help you to appropriately recycle or redistribute your phone. Locations that specialize in proper breakdowns of cell phones for recycling and redistribution will make sure that every usable or recyclable component will be extracted and the harmful components are disposed of accordingly. 

E-waste recycling plants in Tampa also work with many community agencies and through charitable donation programs to give smartphones that are still relatively new and in working condition, to people that need them. Your decision to recycle an old cell phone could give an agency professional the work phone they need to perform tasks or a person that would otherwise be unable to afford a new smartphone, access to a modern phone they can use at home.

Choosing to use cell phone recycling programs is an excellent way that you can save energy in the manufacturing of future smartphones and a fantastic way to you can work at saving the environment. Making the choice to recycle your smartphone is an excellent way to reduce the number of harmful components that can be found in E-waste. If you are interested in using proper recycling for cell phones in Tampa, contact us today to learn more. 

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