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Computer Recycling Miami

Living in The Miami area? Is your laptop slow? Drop your tablet computer into a swimming pool? No matter the reason, you can’t keep one electronic device forever, so you will need to choose computer recycling in Miami and replace it with a new device.

When it’s time to upgrade, don’t forget to recycle electronics. You can always recycle the device if it is in good condition. You can donate the device to be scrapped for precious metals if it has been hit by a vehicle. There are many reasons to choose computer recycling in Miami. Here are 10 of the most popular.

Choosing Computer Recycling In Miami Is Easier Than Ever

There are many ways to recycle electronics. You can first find an e-cycler who will destroy all your data and have the knowledge to recycle your device properly so it doesn’t become hazardous landfill waste. You can also recycle electronics in many municipalities. Check with your local recycling center. There are also manufacturer take-back programs available that will recycle your device if you return it for a newer model.

It Is Dangerous Not To Recycle Electronic Components

It is dangerous to not have your electronic devices re-cycled by a trusted electronics recycler because of the mercury, lead, and arsenic in them. Devices that are not properly disposed of can end up in landfills or leak hazardous chemicals into the water supply. This can be especially true if electronics are shipped overseas and don’t have proper disposal facilities. Do the world a favor and choose computer recycling in Miami. Recycle with Ecycle today!

Data Can Be Destroyed

Reputable e-waste recyclers can also securely destroy confidential data. They will usually remove the magnetic fields from a device, write data or destroy the device physically so that it cannot be recovered. Too many people dump sensitive data and it ends up on eBay. Or, someone finds sensitive data in a dumpster. Be safe and choose computer recycling in Miami.

E-waste Is Way Too High

E-waste is the one thing that the world doesn’t have enough of. According to the United Nations, 41.8 million tonnes of e-waste were produced in 2014. This represents a 24 percent increase over 2010. The UN Environment Program stated that 90 percent of e-waste is illegally dumped or traded every year. We continue to produce more e-waste. The total amount of e-waste in the United States was 1.9 million tonnes in 2000. By 2012, it had risen to 3.4 million tons. There is a simple solution. It’s easy: Choose computer recycling in Miami.

Old Devices Have Tons Of Precious Metals

Although not a “gold mine”, e-waste contains a lot of rare metals. According to the EPA 75 pounds of gold is found in every 1 million phones. This includes 35.274 pounds copper, 772 pounds silver, and 33 pounds palladium. You can melt it down to make new devices, or use it for other manufacturing purposes. This is much better than leaving precious metals in a landfill. Tossing electronics away is like tossing good-quality gold jewelry.

Someone Else Has A Need For Your Device

You can usually turn in functional devices to the reuse market, as mentioned previously. They could end up going to families with low incomes, schools that require the devices, or soldiers overseas. You can recycle your device and help to stop being part of the “haves” and “have nots” world that greed has created.

Throwing Out A Device Can Be Illegal

Yes, it is a crime to pitch your device in certain places. It is against the law in many cities to throw out old computers. Florida has also been tightening its laws on illegal e-waste disposal. E-waste disposal is now more illegal due to the dangers posed by potentially toxic chemicals. Recycling e-waste becomes more important if it is illegal in your region. It’s still a good idea for everyone.

Recycling Can Save You Money

Many retailers and manufacturers offer deals and programs where you can turn in your old device and get a new one free of charge or at a discounted price. The device is then donated. These deals usually come in the form of vouchers that can be used to purchase a new device or another service. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. The manufacturer receives the new gadget, the recipient gets an older device, and you get the new device.

Recycling Means Lower Production Waste

Recycling removes the need for new resources to be mined or produced. The EPA states that recycling one million laptops can save the equivalent of 36,000 homes in the United States using electricity per year. A metric ton can contain 40 to 800x the amount of gold, 30 to 40 times more copper, and 40 to 40 times as much copper, depending on how many circuit boards are being recycled. When you choose computer recycling in Miami, you choose to help the environment!

Get The Ethical Ego Boost

Doing good makes you feel better than you did yesterday. It’s not shameful to admit that. It’s like stepping up your life. Donating electronics helps the environment, protects people from dangerous materials, and gives hope to the less fortunate. Dropping off your electronics at a collection site can make you feel like a superhero. Recycle your electronics and get an ego boost. For more information regarding the recycling of your computer in Miami contact eCycle Florida.

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