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Data Center Decommissioning

Your servers will eventually reach the end and your business will need secure data center decommissioning. Servers are essential components of data housing and must be handled with care. Your data center could be at risk if you don’t properly decommission old IT devices. Here are some tips to avoid the worst-case scenario.

Outline your process

To create the scope of data center decommissioning, you need to have a clear outline of the process. This should include a timeline, equipment that must be removed, safety procedures, and the stages. The full scope of the project will allow you to identify resources and prioritize areas for decommissioning your data center.

Perform Comprehensive Audit

Complete evaluations of your devices will help you to identify discrepancies between physical specs and software. Many staff members will be required to inspect your devices. Make sure you have completed all reviews before data center decommissioning.

Create a Plan

An effective plan will likely require a combination of spreadsheets, templates, and documentation to prove that the procedures were completed.

Include contact information for each team member, master, and individual server lists, internal cooling units, as well as other components. A section should be included that explains whether the device will be repurposed, resold, or recycled.

Identify the Tools and Labor Requirements

A  data center decommissioning checklist should include a detailed outline of all the tools and labor needed to complete each step. You may need to transport and pack old equipment using a forklift, pallets, boxes, and labels. To calculate labor costs, determine the number of people and the hours required to complete the task.

You can destroy your data

There are many ways to destroy your data and software. To remove unneeded files from your hard drive and encrypt it, you will need to create a solid sanitation system. You can degauss drives but there are eco-friendly ways to get rid of data.

You can label and pack old IT equipment

Label each piece of equipment after data destruction to indicate its final destination. To designate the correct location of each device, you can use alphanumeric tags or a color-coded system.

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