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How Do You Dispose Of Obsolete Electronics?

How Do You Dispose Of Obsolete Electronics?

Many of us depend on our electronics daily and whether it’s a trusty smartphone, laptop, or an entertainment center with a big-screen TV, we often can’t imagine living without our electronics but how do you dispose of obsolete electronics? The big problem with technology today is that it becomes obsolete very quickly. Based on this obsolescence especially in the smartphone market, people are throwing out a record amount of electronic waste. There are an estimated 1.5 billion cell phones thrown out every year based on 2017 statistics. These items are often being traded in for new devices or simply upgraded. There are tens of metric tons of E-waste that are discarded every year and it’s estimated that in 2016 we threw out over 44.7 million tons of electronics. 

When electronics make their way into landfills we have no chance to recover the reusable materials in our electronic waste. Many of the materials that can be found in electronics can be reused such as in materials like metal, glass, and plastic. Apple as a company is doing its part to recapture recycled devices and estimates that they were able to reuse over 2204 pounds of gold in the year 2015 from its old electronic waste. 

Obsolete electronics that find their way into landfills can be extremely harmful to our environment. Recycling old electronics has become the law with 25 states passing laws on electronic recycling. Because of substances like Mercury, cadmium, and lead, there need to be safe ways of disposing of electronic waste. When they find their way into a landfill these items will slowly leach out into the surrounding environment. 

Electronic waste disposal companies will also erase all of the personal information and data onboard your electronics. Even if you do a complete factory reset or wipe your hard drive, electronic waste recycling experts will go the extra mile and wipe the hard drive again as well as completely shred the device. Here are some of the best ways that you can properly dispose of obsolete electronics rather than put them into a landfill.

Choose a Local Electronics Recycling Company

Going to a local electronics recycling company will make sure that all of the items can be properly removed from your electronics and that the e-waste will be disposed of to the proper standards. 


If you still have electronic devices that work, there’s likely a charity or non-profit organization that would be happy to take it from you. Donating your own smartphone to an organization that could use it might provide you with a tax return and a great way that you can divert your device into the hands of someone that could use it. 

Electronics Retailers

Many retailers where your purchase devices will also give you access to an electronic rebate for returning your device where you bought it. Many major retailers like Best Buy offer electronics recycling programs should you qualify. Some companies offer buyback programs in the form of gift cards or free electronic recycling on items that are extremely obsolete. 

Contact us if you would like to diverge some of your electronic waste from landfills and properly dispose of your electronics before they can have an impact on the environment. 

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