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E-Scrap Solutions plays a crucial role in the electronics recycling market, an industry dedicated to repurposing old electronics, ranging from modems to computers. Precious metals like gold, silver, and copper, used in manufacturing many of our daily electronic devices, find a new life through electronics recycling. By choosing companies like E-Scrap Solutions for Electronics recycling, you can recover and reuse these valuable materials, significantly reducing the environmental harm caused by electronic waste.

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Electronics Recycling: It’s Important

The Electronics Recycling is crucial in supporting zero landfill initiatives and diverting solid waste. Electronics recycling is also critical because it helps eliminate toxic waste. Although it is a minority of solid wastes, it can account for up to 70% of toxic waste.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that in 2015, people recycled approximately 1.2 million tons (39.8%) of selected consumer electronics, end-of-life products, and used products.

Recycling is a more efficient way to obtain materials than mining ore. In fact, Electronic Recyclers International(ERI) quotes EPA:

A metric ton circuit board can contain up to 400 times more gold than a metric ton ore mined in the US and between 30 and 40 times as much copper.

This e-waste contains a high concentration of precious metals, 40-50 times higher than the natural ore deposits. Each year, manufacturers use over 320 tons of gold and more than 7,500 tonnes of silver to produce new electronic products worldwide.

This equates to more than $16 billion worth of gold and $5 million worth of silver in these devices, awaiting recycling to unlock their value. Metals and plastics recovered by recycling have a much lower carbon footprint than those produced from virgin materials.

Recovery of Precious Metals

Recovery of precious metals from these wastes is a big issue. In developed countries, crude dismantling methods may only recover 50% of the precious metal. A modern recycling facility can recover up to 95%. If performed incorrectly, the recovery process can expose workers and the environment to many hazardous substances.

The current rates of recovery for e-waste are meagre. In 2009, the U.S. The EPA highlighted that people only recycled 8% of cell phones, 17% of televisions, and 38% of computers. Globally, we need to recycle more devices, and current recycling processes do not recover enough metals. Recycling only retrieves 10 to 15 per cent of the gold in e-waste, with the majority of the gold being lost.

The low recycling rate highlights the need for initiatives to help promote the recovery and reuse of precious resources. This can be achieved through:

A Policy That Encourages Design To Recycle

Encouragement to encourage the public to recycle end-of-life devices instead of stockpiling them at home, where up to 75% is estimated.

Export of electronic scrap to countries with low-recovery rate processes

Promote investment in best practices to maximise recovery in developed and developing nations.

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Recycling E-Waste

Recycling processes vary from one jurisdiction to another. E-scrap solutions is processed in two stages. The electronic devices or components are demanufactured and disassembled in the first phase. The next step is often secondary recycling. Magnets, screens and eddy currents can crush and sort the material. Electronic components are smelted to liberate precious metals.

A promising new method promises to recover gold faster and cheaper from older computers and other electronic devices with less environmental impact. Researchers say their process combines acetic acid with tiny quantities of an oxidant and another acid. This solution dissolves gold faster than any other method. Apple also reported in April 2016 that it recovered 2,204 lbs. of gold, worth $40 million, in the prior year.

The waste stream produced today will be increasingly recognised in the future as an opportunity for material recovery, which is a necessity as we work towards sustainability.

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