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E Waste Orlando

The latest report on E waste in Orlando showed that there was an accumulated collection of 19,536 lbs of electronic waste. The report by Orlando 2020 contained records dating back to February 2019. The accepted items range from cell phones, computer monitors, and electronic circuit boards.

The electronic recycling events in Orlando, Florida are intended to reduce waste through recycling, hard drive shredding, and proper disposal. This means that mining precious metals are minimized. It results in fewer electronics in landfills, reduced use of new energy resources, as well as a reduction in the need to mine the earth.

But, this is only a small fraction of electronic waste. E waste in Orlando is growing rapidly and could soon get out of control. This article will show you how to reduce your e waste in Orlando.

Re-evaluate Your Devices

Would you buy a new electronic device if an old one is still in use? You might find that your current device is not functioning properly. You might want to consider purchasing a gadget with multiple functions. For example, a printer may require you to have a scanner as well as a copier. You don’t need to purchase scanners or copiers separately. Printers have all three functions, which can help you save money and space. You can extend the life of your device by taking care of it and by purchasing a protective case and keeping it clean.

Support Environmentally-Friendly Devices

Some devices have certifications attached to them and are tagged with “ecolabels” by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tools. These products are certified by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tools or meet the IEEE 1680 standards.

Recycle Electronic Waste

There are many options for recycling e waste in Orlando. You can trade-in for an upgrade or destroy data devices. Or, you can use a third-party company that is experienced in data destruction and electronic recycling.

Last Thoughts

This is the point where electronic use cannot be reduced to zero. There are many ways to reduce waste. The easiest way to reduce waste is to hire a service provider to fulfill your needs.

Ecycle Florida makes it easy to recycle e-waste in Orlando. The company offers on-site hard drive shredding and computer disposal. They also offer electronic recycling. The company can provide a NO-CHARGE data destruction certificate and a pick-up service.

Ecycle Florida is a company that aims to dispose of electronic waste all throughout Florida. It does this securely and efficiently. Contact us today for more information!