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E waste In Orlando

E waste Management 

A company’s ability to properly manage and dispose of e waste in Orlando is vital for the sustainability of the environment.

Ask Comcast was fined $25.95 Million in 2015 for illegally dumping e waste.

There are many modern and secure I.T. methods available. Managers can trust I.T. to manage e waste in Orlando.

e waste Pollutes the Environment, and you will be fined if you don’t manage your e waste properly

Scientific evidence shows that poor electronic waste management practices such as sending electronic waste to landfills can lead to severe environmental pollution and health problems for those who live near it. You could also face severe penalties from the authorities.

AT&T was penalized $52 million in 2014 for improperly disposing of hazardous e waste materials.

There are many other examples of improper e waste disposal. Do not be one of these people.

These are the 3 e waste Recycling Techniques You Can Trust For Secure management of e waste in Orlando

  1. Donate unwanted electronics to charity

There are many organizations that will take e waste management methods from your company in Orlando and help those in need.

Before you donate, make sure you get a hard disk wipe.

  1. You can increase your tech’s ROI with asset disposition

Certified I.T. A Certified I.T. can help you protect your brand and maximize your revenue.

A 2015 study found that clients who used a 3- to 4-year ITAD refresh program saw an average savings of 27.4%!

But what exactly is ITAD?

ITAD is the responsible, Certified repurposing or disposal of IT assets that have become obsolete in your business, depending on the equipment condition. Some items may be destroyed or refurbished. Some devices can be recycled responsibly with eCycle Florida and used for material recovery.

IT Asset Disposition professionals such as eCycle Florida make sure that these processes are done with a chain of custody and documentation to ensure confidentiality.

  1. Certified off-site e waste in Orlando recycling

Did you know that only 16% was recycled from all the electronic waste generated in 2019? What about the sensitive data that was leaked to the public due to misplaced equipment?

Professional e waste management vendor, eCycle can come to your location with specially equipped trucks that can track and certify the equipment’s disposal.

The best way to dispose of electronic waste is to use the services of an e waste recycling company. This is a reliable and easy way to ensure regulatory compliance for your company.

Reliable e waste recycling companies like eCycle Florida will not send any items overseas for processing.

What Is E waste? What Can You Recycle?

e waste, also known as electronic waste, refers to any electronic device that has been deemed obsolete, not needed, or is nearing the end of its useful lifespan.

These are some examples:

Because technology is constantly improving, it’s not surprising that reports show an increase in e waste globally. So do your part and recycle your e waste in Orlando with eCycle Florida today to make a positive change for tomorrow!

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