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E-waste in Tampa

The cost of electronics seems like it’s going up but many devices are within the reach of the average American thanks to buyback programs, credit, and more. The average American is trading up their cell phone every 12 to 18 months and this is led to an explosive amount of growth in the electronics industry. Because technology is changing at a rapid pace, we are starting to see many of our landfills filling up with a variety of electronics that can be difficult to break down. Here is what to do with your E-waste in Tampa.

Toxic materials can often be released from old electronic devices into the environment. Waste remains a growing problem and E-waste in Tampa is starting to fill up our landfills at a rapid pace.

There’s an overall need for an effective electronics recycling program with E-waste being one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the entire world. It’s estimated that there are over 48.5 million tons of waste generated for our landfills each year. 

Many people that are concerned with recycling programs for E-waste in Tampa are often wondering how they can protect their data and if their device will be targeted for data theft. Your electronics are actually a far greater risk if you simply dispose of them in a landfill. Many waste recycling programs in Tampa will wipe and shred hard drives as well as supervise the recycling process to ensure that all elements of the electronics are going to be properly discarded and controlled for safety. Electronics redistribution centers also go the extra mile to factory reset devices and remove any data so that the device can be used without issue by the next person or organization. 

By choosing to dispose of your E-waste with the recycling program you can prevent some of these top concerns:

Solid Waste Management in Tampa

Landfills are filling up with millions of pounds of electronic waste each year and Tampa’s waste management is suffering as a result. The growth in the electronics industry is leading to a large escalation in solid waste from electronics making its way into landfills. Choosing to recycle the majority of components can divert useful materials from a landfill. 

Toxic Materials 

Many older electronic devices can contain toxic substances like cadmium, chromium, mercury, and more. Having a proper processing solution in electronics recycling can make sure that these items are not released into the environment. Most electronics can contain items like heavy metals and toxic chemical flame retardants that will leech into the surrounding ecosystem. 

Raw Materials

Only 10% of the gold in E-waste is successfully recovered worldwide. The E-waste that is thrown out each year contains pure gold, platinum, and other precious metals which are found in amounts that are refined. The purity of these materials is often 40 to 50% higher than ore taken from the mining industry and they require far less energy to access.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind about E-waste in Tampa. Finding a successful recycling program can make a difference with regard to your environmental impact. Contact eCycle Today to get more information on all your E-cycle needs and check out what our customers are raving about!