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eCycle Florida’s Data Destruction Services

eCycle Florida’s Data Destruction Services

It is vital that we take care of our technology and all data. Many people don’t take the necessary precautions to ensure that their data is safe when it comes time to get rid of outdated or no longer required technology. Many people will simply delete the data, files, or information from their devices before getting rid. However, this is not data destruction. You can retrieve deleted valuable data. It is important to go to use professional data destruction services to properly dispose of information. You have three options to destroy your data.

There are three ways to destroy your data. Overwriting is the act of replacing your data with newer, less sensitive information. Degaussing is the process that erases magnetic fields around your storage device. Physical Destruction is the removal of your disk and shredding of it.

These are the recommended methods and techniques by many professional data destruction services. It is important to understand that each method has its own pros and cons. Let’s have a closer look at each one of these techniques.


Overwriting is the most common method of data destruction. It allows you to get rid of any residual data after you have deleted or erased it. Some people might not be aware that even though you have deleted data, there may still be residual data on your storage media. These data remain until new data is written to the drive. This process is faster and can be done by overwriting.

This method is quick and easy to use with specific software. It also comes at a low cost. This method is popular because it’s quick and takes only a few minutes. This has the drawback that it takes longer to overwrite data the more you have. This method may not be able to reach all the data on your drive.


This is the process of removing the magnetic fields from your hard drive or data storage device using a degausser. This is a fast and effective way to destroy data on small-to-medium-sized storage devices. It renders data unrecoverable. This is an expensive option that could cause collateral damage to your hard drives.

Physical Destruction

The physical destruction method of data destruction, whether it’s disk shredding and melting, is any storage media that is rendered unreadable or unusable. This method is very reliable and you can be certain that your data will be destroyed forever. This method has a few drawbacks. It can be expensive and not sustainable for long-term data destruction. Contact us today for our data destruction services.

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