Electronic Recycling In Winter Park

Electronic Recycling In Winter Park

Electronic recycling in Winter Park is something that is covered under the department of environmental protection. All unwanted electronic products are recommended as recyclable items under this policy. 

This is especially important for residents of Winter Park. As the average citizen of America replaces their smartphone every 18 months, this can lead to a massive amount of electronic waste that occurs even in an area the size of Winter Park. This could mean as many as 1 million phones going to waste in landfills each year which have the components capable of providing power to 3600 homes across the city for 365 days.Electronic Recycling In Winter Park

When we consider the energy and components that could be lost as a result of avoiding electronic recycling, we can see just one angle on why electronic recycling can be so important for the average resident.

Here are some of the other reasons why electronic recycling in Winter Park remains so important:

Cutting Down On Electronic Costs

It can be crucial to recycle electronics in Winter Park because it will bring down the overall costs of electronics. Over 35,000 lbs of copper can be found in 1 million cell phones and when this is recovered, this can lead to the cost of electronic dropping for future tech. Recycling electronics leads to lower costs for power generation, improvements to electronic development, and lower price points on future electronics as well. 

Better For The Environment

Electronics are completely safe when they are above ground and at a constant temperature. When they are thrown out with other trash, there is a chance that harmful ingredients like lead and cadmium will continue to leech into the surrounding groundwater which can eventually affect human health in the area. There is also a chance that through heating and methane gas from other decomposing waste that the electronic components may be released into the atmosphere. Electronic Recycling In Winter Park

Cutting Down On Landfill Spaces

As electronic waste gets put into a landfill it will take up more and more space. With the help of electronic waste companies working to limit this waste, it is possible to prevent the chance that a landfill may fill up too quickly. Many of the components in electronic waste take years to break down and this will add up the costs of waste removal, taxes, and more for the future. 

New Jobs For The Area

Having the chance to remove electronic waste will lead to new job creation for the area. Winter Park electronics recyclers are able to do their part to maximize the number of usable materials out of any electronic waste. The jobs created here also service local economies and fuel growth for the future of the region. Choosing to recycle your electronic waste directly benefits the economy. 

These are just a few of the top reasons why recycling electronic waste is so crucial in Winter Park. If you are in need of electronic recycling tasks from a team that has the experience, contact Ecycle Florida for more information.

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