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Over the years, the electronics recycling in Orlando Fl industry has grown rapidly to address the problem of e-waste and how it should properly be disposed of. It is good news that we now have the most up-to-date recycling techniques available, which are more accessible to both homes and businesses. However, there are many myths and false beliefs that e-waste recycling is impossible to believe due to the rapid development of the industry. Let’s look at some of the most common myths about electronics recycling in Orlando Fl.

1. E-waste ends up in landfills anyway

A reputable recycling company uses many processes to make sure that e-waste does not end up in landfills. There is no way to stop e-waste entering landfills or polluting the environment. This is a common myth in electronics recycling in Orlando Fl. These include reusing or refurbishing electronics, harvesting valuable parts from electronics, and recycling certain materials for use elsewhere – all before a landfill is even thought of. Even if parts end up in landfills sometimes, recycling efforts ensure that the re-usable parts (including silver and gold) are used again and that toxic metals and other hazardous materials are properly disposed off instead of being sent to landfills where they could cause further damage to the environment.

2. Only large electronics like TVs and computers are worth recycling

The truth is closer to reality than the electronic recycling myth. Yes, you can recycle TVs and computer monitors. You can recycle computers, monitors and TVs, as well as imaging equipment, tablets, cell phones, and servers.

This is especially true for smaller devices. Mobile devices with small screens and other components can contain a lot of toxic materials which should not be disposed of in a landfill. It is important to recycle smartphones and other similar products in order to ensure environmental safety.

3. My city’s recycling and waste departments will take care of it

This myth is common in e-waste recycling. Many people believe that if they throw electronics in the trash, they will be recycled properly by city disposal agencies. It doesn’t work like that! This is not the case. Most city recycling efforts are focused only on other materials. They don’t have the ability to handle electronics mixed with other trash. Instead, consult your local guidelines on how to deal with e-waste. Many cities can recommend drop-offs or recycling centers for e-waste. This will help you to find the best way to dispose of your electronics. To find out if there are any other options, you can also check with local recycling organizations.

4. Recycling electronic devices is risky because of data thieves

First, hackers pose the greatest risk to your data while they are being used. After all, this is when devices can be connected to the internet and thus more vulnerable to data theft attempts. You can perform a factory reset on any electronic device that has internal storage, which many of the recyclable devices don’t have. This will quickly erase all data. Many recycling centers will take it a step further by shredding all hard drives that they receive to ensure that no one can access the data. Many online resources are available to help you remove all data from your hard drive.

5. The old electronics will just be shipped overseas.

Let’s dispel this myth. Although electronic recycling organizations try to minimize this, the truth is that most e-waste is sent overseas, particularly to China. This is not ideal. Many of the waste is disposed of in haste to salvage parts, or buried at garbage sites. This makes the problem worse, and also increases the risk of toxic substances. Electronic recycling services work to ensure that electronic waste is properly recycled and disposed by professionals, rather than being sent to another country.

6. Electronic recycling is more energy-intensive than it’s worth

It doesn’t, especially considering the rarity of some components found in electronic devices today. For example, recycling valuable metals takes less energy than extracting and refining new metals. The long-term costs of letting toxic substances leach into the soil and possibly poison the environment can outweigh any recycling efforts. Remember that recycling is a thriving industry that creates employment and offers opportunities. It also seeks out more efficient ways of producing energy. There’s a net benefit to everyone.

7. There is too little recycling in devices

It doesn’t really matter how little the amount of material you recycle. It’s more efficient and less energy-intensive to do so than to discard them. Even small amounts can quickly add up to large returns. A million cell phones can produce 35,000 pounds copper, 22 pounds palladium and 772 pounds silver. It also provides 75 pounds of gold if properly recycled. You can see the impact recycled materials can make when you consider how many cell phones are being replaced each year in Orlando.

8. E-Waste isn’t actually that harmful

E-waste, especially mobile devices, can pose a danger. Mercury and lead are the worst toxic substances. They can easily leach into surrounding environments and have been shown to have damaging effects on the nervous system and human development. Cadmium, barium and lithium are all toxic elements that can have similar or worse consequences in smartphones today.

These common myths about electronics recycling are now cleared up. You can safely recycle your e-waste! Explore eCycle recycling services to learn more about electronics recycling in Orlando Fl and how you can work with us today!

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