Electronics You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle
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Electronics You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

Electronics You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

E-waste remains a growing problem in the United States and although it only accounts for around 2% of what ends up in America’s landfills, it equates to 70% of the toxic items that can be found in our landfills. In the state of California is estimated there are 200,000,000 pounds of electronic waste every year. Each state is establishing its own unique programs to manage electronic waste but the responsibility falls to the consumer to dispose of their electronic waste accordingly. We know all about recycling plastic but here are electronics you didn’t know you could recycle.

When most of us think of electronic waste we are thinking about our computers but you might be surprised that a variety of electronic equipment and parts could be reused and recycled for the secondary market. Basic items like TVs, monitors, cell phones and more can be put into electronics recycling and the components can go on to find their way into new devices. Using E recycling can help to eliminate some of the toxic items that are found in our landfills and also cut down on the overall cost of new electronics. Here are some of the main types of electronics that are commonly discarded that you could reroute into electronics recycling instead:

Old Computers And Monitors

People regularly throw out old monitors and PC computers including the accessories like keyboards and mice. Almost every computer part that you have can be appropriately disposed of with an electronics recycler. Computer monitors are considered some of the most hazardous items to the environment and it’s illegal to dispose of them in your regular garbage. Recycle your computer parts or property waste recycling facility and you’ll gain the extra benefit of having your electronics completely wiped for your data privacy. 


An E-waste recycling company that also offers a data extraction service can wipe your smartphone and perform a complete factory reset ensuring your data privacy. Smartphones contain a variety of precious metals and it’s estimated that 33 pounds of Palladium and 75 pounds of gold can be pulled out of every 1 million cell phones that are recycled. 

Old Printers

If you replace the printer that could not be repaired, recycling the old printer is one of the best courses of action. Printers contain a variety of electronics and plastics that will not break down in a landfill. Having them properly disassembled and placed in an E recycling program is one of the easiest ways to properly recycle the materials and died for them from a landfill. 


TVs are extremely oaky to dispose of and are also extremely hazardous. When you place a TV in the garbage, it’s never going to break down. Properly recycling your television will make sure you can help the environment and also cut down on the cost of your next television by recovering materials that are commonly used in the construction of television and display monitors. 

Contact us today if you will are thinking about throwing out older electronics and you’d like to divert these items from a landfill. 

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