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Help The Environment Through Electronic Recycling

Help The Environment Through Electronic Recycling in Florida

If your business has recently undergone a series of upgrades for electronics, the process of electronic recycling in Florida is a socially responsible way to manage your organization. Every organization needs to focus on how throwing away and having unwanted electronic items make their way into a landfill could be a dangerous situation. A company may face the chance of polluting the surrounding environment with their unwanted electronic items as well as face the chance that the law could intervene as well. To encourage companies seeking better ways to dispose of electronic hazardous waste, choosing an e-waste recycling company, or establishing an e-waste recycling program can be a better way to handle your electronics. Rather than facing the penalties, choosing an electronic recycling company can be a better way to manage environmental issues and protect the groundwater across your area. 

The Environment and Electric Recycling in Florida

Electronics recycling has really stepped up its efforts lately due to environmental concerns. With the increased popularity of electronic devices like TVs, smartphones and computers were starting to see a destructive effect on the planet. As electronic waste continues to break down heavy metals can leak into the ground or groundwater supply. As we place more of these hazardous materials into the environment, demand for electronics continues to grow. We need to establish safe disposal methods for these items as well as future devices that will be making their way into recycling facilities. 

Statistics on Recycling

Millions of cell phones that are recycled account for nearly 35,000 pounds of copper, 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver, and 33 pounds of palladium each year in the United States. Recycling 1 million laptops each year could also give us materials that would produce enough energy to power homes for a full year. 

With over 2,200 pounds of gold recovered in the year 2015 from phone recycling and computers from Apple recycling products, the company estimated that it was able to capture a gold value of roughly $43 million. 

CRT Monitors

Pretty much any electronic device can be recycled ideally but older style TVs and monitors are some of the best types of devices that can be managed with electronics recycling. CRT monitors are some of the worst polluters. Sometimes as much as 8 pounds of lead can be found in every one of these devices. From these numbers of monitors and televisions that are being recycled, there is still a  large degree of items that need to be taken out of the system and disposed of accordingly. 

If you are a company that’s interested in creating the best system for encouraging recycling disposal, you should consider saving the planet with the help of electronics waste disposal. Choosing the appropriate place for your old electronics is your economic responsibility. 

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