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How Much Of A Phone Can Be Recycled?

With the ever-increasing prevalence of cell phones in every aspect of our lives today, there should be no surprise that there is a lot more cellphone waste now than ever before. This article will let you know how much of a phone can be recycled and why you should always e-cycle your phone.

There have been studies that show that the average American will replace their phone every 18 months, so it is easy to see how rapidly this type of e-waste can pile up. These numbers add up to nearly 120 million phones being trashed every single year – and that number is only going up as the leaps in technology continue to advance. This large number of cellphones (as well as other e-waste) being disposed of with improper methods is causing a lot of issues for our environment because these items contain a lot of different hazardous materials that can pollute the air and even leach into the groundwater causing lots and lots of issues. 

The good thing about this problem is there is a lot that you can do to help limit its reach. When you properly recycle your old technology, including your cellphones, you can make sure that a lot of the hazardous materials end up getting properly disposed of and the materials that can be recycled are able to be reused. With newer technology, about 80 percent of the material used in modern cellphones can actually be recycled or reused when disposed of properly. 

Help Conserve The Environment

Some of the hazardous materials contained within cell phones include lead, mercury, arsenic, and even brominated flame retardants. When phones are simply thrown away instead of recycled, these phones are burnt or buried which causes these materials to be released into the atmosphere and pollute the environment. 

When your e-waste is properly e-cycled, these hazardous materials are dealt with properly, and everything that can be reused or recycled is, and all without polluting the environment. 

Save Energy

When it comes to saving energy and recycling, you may not know exactly how much energy you can be saving when you e-cycle your old cell phone. Simply recycling one cell phone can actually save enough energy to charge a laptop for up to 44 hours. With the record number of cellphones we are throwing out each year, we could be saving enough energy to power up to 24,000 homes per year. 

This energy-saving is huge and is the byproduct of simply taking the time to figure where you need to take your old cell phones to have them recycled properly. There is so much we can do for the environment with very minimal effort. So, it is important that we take the time.

For More Information

For more information on how to properly dispose of all of your e-waste and other alternative ways to better handle your technological waste and recyclables, contact our professionals. Our team of experienced pros can help make sure your e-waste is properly recycled in order to leave us with a better environment and a cleaner Florida.

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