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Pinellas County Electronics Disposal

If you are seeking ways to reduce your impact on the environment, one of the simplest and most significant ways that you can manage your impact on landfills is with the help of E-waste recycling. You know it may feel like a very simple exercise to throw out an old cell phone, printer, or computer into a landfill but it is very important to understand the environmental impact of throwing your electronics with some of your other trash. Here is how Pinellas County electronics disposal can help the environment.

Electronics waste recycling in Pinellas county can offer significant improvements to the environment. Recycling used devices can make sure that you will be able to cut down the cost of future electronics and that you can prevent a wide range of other concerns with your local community. 

Pinellas County Electronics Disposal Can Help Local Community Organizations

Disposing of your electronics with the help of a series of local community organizations can make sure that your old tech can see use from people that need it most. When you perform your waste recycling there’s a good chance that you will be able to help a company in your area that could use your old tech. Many e-waste recycling programs will donate your tech to charities in the area and individuals that need access to things like computers and cell phones for e-learning. 

Reduction in Landfill Space

Pinellas county electronics disposal can prevent the chance that landfill space will sprawl out and become unmanageable.  As we slowly allow landfill space to fill up, redirecting electronic waste can help to prevent this problem as the majority of the components in the electronic waste can take hundreds of years to break down. When old electronic waste is properly disassembled and recycled, we can reduce the total space that our landfills take up and solve Pinellas county waste issues before they happen. 

Reducing Wastewater Toxins

Many electronic devices can contain items like cadmium, lead, mercury, and more. These items are extremely stable while they are in use but they have a chance to break down harmful components that can move into groundwater supply and affect the environment. Groundwater supply with lead can eventually start to affect fish, birds, plants, and eventually humans. Disposing of electronics can help to prevent an ecosystem change starting with groundwater leaching. 

Future Manufacturing Costs

The energy that is required to produce future electronics can be significantly reduced when we consider mining versus recycling programs. Precious metals that are commonly found in many electronics, take up to double the amount of energy to mine as they do to get recycled from electronic waste. By choosing a Pinellas County electronics disposal company, you are able to make sure you are cutting down on the costs of producing electronics and the future cost of electronics from spiking as resources grow scarce. 

Greenhouse Gas:

Greenhouse gases can be significantly reduced from production costs in electronics. Because plants will not need to work overtime in order to produce the components from mining, it will be possible to create electronics more efficiently and reduce greenhouse gases and energy costs from the production process. Greenhouse gases can also be produced as many of the components begin to break down in E-waste. Rather than facing ongoing release into the environment from the breakdown of electronics, it will be possible to prevent future greenhouse gas emissions. Contact us to learn more!