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Pinellas County Electronics Recycling

If you are replacing any type of electronics in Pinellas County, you may be wondering what you should do with the older electronics that you have. Upgrading tech is something that the average American does often. Smartphone plans are reasonable and there are faster devices coming out every year. As a result of this speed of innovation, many Americans are upgrading their smartphone once every 18 months on average. Here is why Pinellas County electronics recycling is so important.

What this constant upgrading for business or for personal electronics will mean is a large degree of electronics waste that requires disposal. There are many residents that keep their old smartphones in a drawer or use them for music players or gaming systems. When the time comes to get rid of older tech that no longer has a purpose, it can be tempting just to throw out your smartphone with the garbage.

When these items end up in a landfill, it can lead to a number of detrimental effects:

Lost Data

There is a chance that your smartphone could be recovered from a landfill and this could be potentially dangerous if you have the sim card inside and you have not taken the precaution of clearing it. Placing your old electronics in a landfill does not mean that the data will not be recovered from the drive either. Pinellas county electronics recycling companies will often go the extra mile, destroying sim cards, shredding drives, and doing whatever can be done to protect your data

New Job Creation

The people working in Pinellas county handling the process of electronics recycling have a secure job for the future. It is their goal to find every usable piece of discarded electronics and to minimize the waste that is sent to landfills. This is a crucial job as electronics recycling professionals will also remove any harmful materials that could leech into the environment or cause environmental damage in the future.

Cutting Your Electronic Costs For The Future

The precious metals that many electronics require can be difficult to mine and it costs far fewer resources to recover them in the recycling process. If more people performed Pinellas county electronics recycling, it would grow cheaper to access future electronics because material costs would drop considerably. 

Landfill Space Comes At A Premium

Pinellas county only has a set amount of space to manage its garbage. As we mitigate some of the items that go into a landfill, we can reduce the costs of waste management and make sure that our landfills do not fill up too quickly. Most electronics take a considerable amount of time to break down and this can lead to a landfill that is filled with materials that remain for generations, furthering the problem of waste management. 

Environmental Protection

Many electronics contain metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, and more. As these items break down and get released into the ground and water they can affect animal populations, human health, and eventually the atmosphere.

Consider some of these top reasons and more to use a Pinellas county electronics recycling program with your old electronics. Contact eCycle Today to get more information on all your E-cycle needs and check out what our customers are raving about!