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Reasons For Companies To Invest In Data Shredding

Every business has lots of data. It’s crucial for companies to invest in data shredding. One hard drive could contain thousands, if not hundreds of confidential, proprietary, or sensitive files. This is especially true for sensitive industries like healthcare, legal services, and financial services. When a company decides to throw away the dust-gathering computers of years past, data removal and security are priority number one.

Erasing Data is Not Enough

Although data destruction is an important first step, many businesses think it suffices to just delete or overwrite files on computers and send them to a recycling center. This is not enough to protect data recovery. Although the files were deleted, in reality, the file is still on the computer in another format. It’s less accessible but can still be retrieved by those with the right equipment and knowledge.

Data shredding is the best way to ensure that all data is deleted and is unretrievable. The hard drive is pulverized during the shredding process. This ensures that data destruction. Rob Pegoraro, a writer for USA Today, explains the importance of smashing the hard drives and destroying the magnetic platters within them. This ensures that each track is removed from every platter. This is complete and total data destruction and the only way to stop data from being stolen from devices once they have left your hands.

Your Data can Still be Vulnerable

Technology for data recovery continues to improve by leaps, bounds. It is dangerous to cut corners when it comes to the protection of sensitive information stored on any computer or data storage device.

Not to mention that data security stories are a regular feature in the news about data breaches.

According to a cybersecurity company, “The public is rightfully upset that their personal data is being exposed on daily basis. To garner support politicians are rallying for stronger security regulations and putting pressure upon governance bodies like the FTC.”

Data disposal can be done in an R2 certified Electronic Recycling Facility or a NAID Certified Facility. This will ensure that your data is not lost.

Protecting your Company’s Reputation

Data breaches are the fastest way to erode customer confidence. Customers lose faith in the company and stop loving it.

Customers will appreciate companies that take data security seriously and engage in data destruction processes to protect them. When appropriate security measures are implemented, it’s a benefit for employees, vendors, and partners.

Privacy Laws for Business Owners

Federal Trade Commission has a “Disposal Rule” that requires businesses to take all necessary steps to securely dispose of any data no longer required. FTC stresses the importance to protect against “unauthorized access or use of information”.

For compliance with the “Disposal Rule”, proper disposal means:

  • Burn, pulverize or shred paper
  • You can delete or erase electronic media files and media using DoD-approved software. A 3-Wipe process is used.
  • Do your research and hire a document destruction contractor for the disposal of the material

It is the responsibility of companies to protect confidential information. However, it is more economical to use professional services to help you with data security and destruction. If a company has to pay legal fees, penalties, or other liabilities due to a data breach, it can be costly and may impact profits.

Use to Free Up Office Space and/or Storage Space

Every business has limited space. The ever-changing technology landscape means that digital equipment’s lifespan is decreasing and items will eventually become obsolete. Stockpiles of obsolete computers are more common than ever and can be found in storage rooms, in closets, or in corners.

Although managers and IT professionals say they will dispose of it, there is never enough time. A professional service is not only cost-effective but will also free up space for newer digital gadgets.

Certificate of Destruction Offers Assurance

The National Association of Information Destruction certifies that companies adhere to industry standards. NAID’s website explains that members are audited on mobile and/or plant-based operations in micro media, paper or printed media, computer hard drives destruction, and/or computer drive sanitization. This certification signifies that you are committed to staying current on privacy laws and compliance.

Customers can request a certificate from certified companies to verify that they have been destroyed for the services provided for the removal of hardware data.

A certified data disposal partner is recommended for any company that wants to avoid being accused and then subject to legal investigation and possible fines for breaching sensitive or private data. Data is constantly changing and will not be going away. Therefore, it is important to implement strategic safeguards to protect your data. Contact us now for more information on Data Shredding!