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Recycling computers and other electronic devices

Recycling computers and other electronic devices may present a unique set of issues. Our practical and trusted services make the process simple for you while keeping hazardous chemicals out of the environment and your private data out of others’ hands.

Commercial and Residential Computer Pickup Services

We make recycling computer systems and other undesirable electronic devices both simple and safe. With our convenient pickup services, individuals and businesses alike can make the most of the chance to recycle unwanted gadgets without any risk of confusion.

The procedure is simple: just contact us to set up a pickup and one of our qualified professionals will visit to grab your undesirable electronic devices for you, taking them back to our place for data cleaning and processing. Extra-large items might need a curbside pickup, however, we’re pleased to take those, too. Inquire about establishing a pickup bin in your workplace to enable all your employees to recycle old electronic devices at their own benefit.

Other Recycling Services We Offer

Computers are simply one kind of product that we take care of. Before stopping by our area or scheduling a pickup service, find out what other items we recycle and see if there are other unnecessary devices we can help remove your hands. 

Recycling Decreases Damage to the Environment

Unfortunately, much of the e-waste from customers in this nation is presently sent to either an incinerator or landfill, where it has been revealed to contribute harmful Toxins into the environment. Electronics recycling prevents items from seeping out chemicals when stored in a landfill, and a lot of computers likewise have valuable rare earth metals that can be recycled. As you continue to utilize more electronic gadgets in your home or office, recycling these precious products will become an important part in keeping the environment healthy and the market sustainable.

After pickup, our group will safely recycle and dispose of your gadgets for you. This is far much safer for the environment than sending out old electronic devices to a waste disposal center, as it keeps damaging chemicals and recyclable products out of landfills in your location.

Preparing Your Computer For Recycling

Prior to sending your electronics to be recycled, be sure to back up any information you’ll wish to keep. When the data sanitation procedure is complete, you won’t be able to recover any files formerly minimized by the computer system. We will not keep any record of the information on your recycled hard drive, so any unbacked information will be lost permanently.

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