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Recycling E-Waste

Recycling E-waste is essential to keeping the world healthy but only 12.5% of the world’s e-waste is being recycled at the moment. So where do all our old equipment go? Landfills are the answer to your question. As a business owner and citizen, responsible recycling of equipment is an essential part. E-waste accounts for only 2% of the trash currently disposed of in American landfills. It accounts for 70% of all toxic waste.

Some components of electronic equipment contain toxic materials like lead, zinc, and barium. These toxic chemicals can be released into the soil, water, and air when e-waste has been heated up. This is dangerous for us as well as our wildlife.

Mandates and laws

The United States currently does not have any national recycling regulations. However, there are many state and local governments that have established recycling and waste management guidelines for all businesses.

These regulations must be understood and followed by business owners. You could be fined for improperly recycling the equipment you use. Two things are intended by recycling regulations:

  1. Increase recycling e-waste.
  2. Reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.

The 1965 Solid Waste Disposal Act gave the EPA the authority to supervise waste management and recycling, as well as provide basic guidelines for states to follow.

The laws are still the same but many states and local governments have adopted their own recycling and waste regulations. These laws include mandatory recycling, landfill bands, e-waste laws, and many others. Each business must be aware of the regulations in their area and comply with them.

Bans on Landfill

A list of prohibited items from landfills has been created by landfill bans. There are currently 49 states that have implemented landfill bans to protect the environment from harmful items such as batteries, untreated medical waste, computers, and others. 

E-Waste laws that are mandatory

25 states currently have an e-waste policy. California was the first state to be included on this list. The Electronic Waste Recycling Act 2003 is their electronic waste recycling program.

The Act established a system of funding for the collection and recycling of specific electronic items. California was followed by 24 other states, including North Carolina, Oregon, Florida, Connecticut, and Minnesota.

Even if you live in one of the 22 states without an e-cycling mandate, your company can still get on board and set high standards by responsibly disposing of your electronic equipment.

There are many places that will accept unwanted electronic devices. These include computers, TVs, and batteries.

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

The RCRA provided the framework for recycling guidelines. However, the EPA has been given the authority to work together with the federal government and the state governments to ensure that hazardous waste is managed according to statutes and regulations.

This act gives businesses the guidance they need in disposing of electronic trash safely. You will need to work with an inspector if your business produces hazardous material. For more information, visit the EPA’s RCRA overview.

Pollution Prevention Act

This federal law prevents and reduces pollution from its source through recycling all that is not possible to be reduced at source. The Pollution Prevention Act calls for the EPA’s recommendations to Congress in order to eliminate barriers to source reduction through incentives and disincentives. They are also required to provide technical assistance to anyone looking to reduce. is the best place to learn more about this Act.

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