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secure e waste disposal

Secure e waste disposal for your business is needed because e waste is growing faster than any other waste type in Florida or around the globe. The American Bureau of Statistics estimates that the combined volume of computers and televisions reaching their end of useful life will reach 181,000 tonnes by 2027-28, or 44 million units.

E waste can contain valuable precious resources such as gold, silver, copper, zinc and aluminum that can be recovered and repurposed into new products. To recover 3.5 kgs of silver, 340gs of gold, 140gs of palladium and 130kg of copper from 6000 mobile phones, it is possible to recycle them.

Data security

Recycling e waste for the environment is a good thing, but businesses also need to be aware of data security.

Businesses subject to the Privacy Act have a mandate to notify the Office of the Floridan Information Commissioner (OAIC) of any data breaches. Non-compliance can result in penalties up to $340,000 for individuals and $1.7 Million for companies.

Private sector organizations as well as not-for-profit organizations with an annual turnover exceeding $3 million are included. This includes small businesses earning less than $3 million, such as health service providers, traders in personal data, and companies that provide services under a commonwealth contract. 

How do data breaches occur?

Sensitive information is an important part of business communications, regardless of whether it’s stored on a hard disk or a mobile device. Unauthorized release of this information could be considered a data breach.

Osterman Research found that 16% data breaches occur at asset disposal. This includes digital records that can easily be recovered from unsecure bins or discarded electronic devices that aren’t destroyed in a manner that makes it impossible for data to be retrieved.

Protect your business with these safeguards

It is important for businesses to consider stored data valuable assets that can’t be discarded at the end. It is important to implement and enforce proper asset tracking policies throughout the lifecycle of technology.

Storing e waste

It is no surprise that businesses produce a lot of electronic waste when you consider the number of people who work in an office building. E-waste includes all types of computer screens and accessories, including laptops, desktop phones, mobile phones and desk phones. Businesses are responsible for finding safe and ethical ways for secure e waste disposal of these products after they have outlived their useful life.

eCycle Florida, a non-profit organization, estimated that small and medium businesses (SMEs) could have 20 to 50 computers at their offices but not know what to do with them after the computer’s useful life ends. eCycle chief stated that while larger companies can recycle old equipment well, smaller businesses are less adept.

SMEs face several major obstacles to e-waste collection.

  • Education – Not knowing where to recycle e-waste or how it can be recycled
  • Cost – Many worry that disposing of their property will prove too costly.
  • Privacy – Concerns about data security

Why find secure e waste disposal

E-waste recycling is as important as any other waste stream. Considering the materials in electronic devices, e waste could be the most important stream to properly recycle. If managed correctly, 90-95% can be recycled from e-waste. This reduces landfill’s environmental impact by sourcing new materials and avoiding pollution.

E-waste can be recycled to make new products. These include plastics, gold, lead, and glass. You need to properly treat them to prevent any harm to the environment or humans.

What are the advantages of e-waste recycling?

It is important to recycle your e waste with a company that operates ethically and safely. Cleanaway offers an e-waste disposal service to ensure that your old technology is recycled, and not disposed of in landfill.

Your private information cannot be recovered through recycling, which ensures your data security is maintained at all times. 

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