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Electronics for recycling

Many people today are learning the value of electronics recycling, but when the most common question that we receive in an electronics recycling depot is whether or not people should begin breaking down electronics before the recycling process. While it is true, the average recycling facility will be taking apart items like tablets, smartphones, and other electronics it is usually a better idea to leave your electronics intact before you bring them into a depot. Here are some top reasons you should not dismantle your electronics before the recycling process.

Devices Can Be Complex

Almost any type of computer or electronic can be extremely complex and is not easy to tell the difference between the materials inside unless you have the right training. To take an electronic device apart in the correct way so that all the pieces can be recycled would take the average person days to learn all the components. It’s much easier to simply bring in your devices to the nearest recycling center so that the team in-house can use the special tools that they have to remove all the intricate components from special equipment.

Proper Removal Of Hard Drives

One of the items that you can remove from any electronic device such as a computer is a hard drive. This is an item that will need to be disposed of accordingly. There are several ways to remove stored information from your computer, such as reformatting and reinstalling the original operating system and then removing the hard drive for disposal. Some electronic recyclers like ourselves will also offer data security and data destruction as part of our service. To do so, we will remove the hard drive and destroy the components on board for secure services with your device. 


Proper disposal of all the parts of electronic components can take time. By the time you finish breaking down the computer, it’s possible that many of the types of materials you have on board may have been destroyed or disposed of improperly. An electronics recycling facility will have the right tools to make sure that you can remove the onboard devices and repurpose them accordingly. It’s much easier to take your electronics to a disposal site and have someone that can break them down in a faster format. Electronics for recycling

Potential Hazards

Whenever you make the choice to open up an electronic device and start disassembling it, there’s a chance that you could face potential risks in the process. Even after a few days without power, battery packs and other power systems may hold electrical charge and there are a series of toxic elements that can be found in electronic devices such as beryllium, Mercury, lead and more. Even in very small traces, these toxins can admit small amounts of radiation and they can be extremely hazardous on their own. If you’re disassembling a large amount of electronics that you have around the home, you could be potentially exposing yourself to a wide range of toxins. 

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