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eCycle Florida Offers Tampa Cell Phone Recycling

eCycle Florida Offers Tampa Cell Phone Recycling

Smartphones are becoming more popular than ever, so it’s no surprise that smartphone waste is on the rise. It is tempting to throw away an old smartphone if you have just upgraded it. An average American replaces their smartphone once every 18 months, which is creating a lot of electronic waste. Luckily eCycle offers Tampa cell phone recycling.

It is better to recycle your phone than to throw it away. This would result in 120 million dollars being saved from landfills every year if every American recycled their smartphone. With the pace at which technology is changing, recycling could be a way to save many cell phones from being improperly disposed of.

Problems Associated With Not Recycling Cell Phones 

Cell phone technology can be dangerous if it is not properly disposed of. The components of a smartphone or cell phone can be thrown away. They include heat shields, screens, and battery technology. These materials can also leech into the soil. These components can cause problems in the environment and even get into drinking water.

Recycling your technology properly can reduce the likelihood of this happening. Proper technology recycling can reduce the likelihood that hazardous materials will end up in a landfill or cause concern for the environment.

Recycle Large Amounts of Material

It may surprise you to learn that most of the materials used in modern cell phones can be recycled. Around 80% can be recycled in smartphones. This doesn’t include the benefit of redistributing them. All across America, smartphones are being redistributed.

eCycle Florida Is The Leader Of Tampa Cell Phone Recycling

You can find a reliable company to help you recycle or redistribute the phone when you visit a Tampa cell phone recycling center. The best places to recycle or redistribute cell phones will ensure that each component is extracted and that the harmful parts are removed.

The Ecycle Florida offers electronic recycling in Tampa and works with the community as well as through charitable donation programs to provide smartphones in good working order to those who need them. The decision to recycle an old phone could provide an agency professional with the phone they need to complete their job or give a person who would otherwise not be able to afford a new phone, access to a smartphone they can use at home.

You can help save the environment by using cell phone recycling programs. Recycling your smartphone can help reduce the harmful components found in E-waste. Contact us today to find out more about the proper Tampa cell phone recycling.

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