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The Importance of Protecting Your Valuable Data

Valuable data is more than just the information that you use to run your business, it often becomes the data that is crucial to your success or failure. Because of the data-driven nature of many businesses today there are a number of initiatives being taken on by businesses to protect data for companies as well as for their customers and clients. Most computers and electronics businesses contain a variety of personal, corporate, and private data and all of this data needs to be appropriately recycled and destroyed. 

With paper records, it was much easier to destroy backup data with the help of a shredder. A digital system however requires proper shredding and degaussing of any hard drive or electronic media to make sure that sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands. 

An e-waste recycling company will be responsible for making sure the data and IT assets are disposed of properly. Segregation and the manufacturing of electronic devices ensures that they can be dismantled and that all of the harmful components can be taken out of the system. Retired equipment can also be appropriately purged and sanitized to make sure that the IT assets are appropriately protected for the future. 

We specialize in the appropriate retirement of electronic equipment, recycling of IT, telecom, and medical electronics, testing systems, subassemblies, and more. We can make sure that you can go green and remove applicable electronics from your premises in a safe manner and with full data protection requirements in mind. 

By choosing our green data protection solutions, we can make sure that your IT, telecom, and electronic systems can be appropriately dismantled as they are required. We developed critical responses to prevent the chance that toxic waste can find its way into landfills and make sure that the electronic waste being disposed of in our country does not carry the sensitive data that your company needs to operate on a daily basis. 

Our work is preserving ecosystems and based on current EPA reporting the average computer can contain up to 8 pounds of toxic materials on its own. We are working with businesses to prevent these toxic components from making their way into landfills and affecting the ecosystem over time. Rather than potentially polluting the ecosystem with mercury, lead, and more. We can make sure that we can recycle components and keep valuable materials out of landfills as well as toxic materials too. We are offering the best recycling services for e-waste that will also preserve your data, the integrity of your company, and more. 

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