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Recycle E waste

Floridians are encouraged to help the state’s economy by donating electronics, recycle e waste, or by reusing electronics instead of disposing of them in landfills reduces the need for raw materials to make new products. Ecycle Florida offers electronics recycling and E-Waste services to many customers, including small businesses, Fortune 100 – 1000 companies, City State & Federal Government agencies, business enterprises, and individuals. We manage the electronic waste stream in the most efficient and effective manner while minimizing its carbon footprint.

We strive to minimize the environmental impact of electronics and computers on the environment. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of electronics and computers by removing, redistributing, recycling, and monitoring their carbon footprint.

Our society can be successful in mining trash and our land will not be lost for future generations. So to Recycle E waste is not only good for your company, but also for the earth. We offer a range of electronic recycling services to a wide variety of clients throughout the United States.

We can create an electronics recycling program that addresses your immediate recycling needs and also plans for future disposal, depending on the amount of inventory you have, your timeframe, and your specific needs. Depending on the type of equipment, the electronics we recycle can be reallocated or de-manufactured. Ecycle Florida can reallocate and de-manufacture materials from old PCs to large mainframes, Telecom Equipment, and Medical Equipment as well as obsolete science classroom equipment. We continue to improve as we discover new ways to serve our clients’ needs and better shape our processes and methodologies.

Since our inception, we have chosen to recycle electronics in a landfill-free and efficient manner! Data security is our top priority. We also stand out for our long-term faith in the economic and environmental benefits of our recycling methods. We are customer-focused and have the trust of many companies who do business with our company. Ecycle Florida exists to solve real business problems. We are naturally motivated by the environmental benefits of recycling electronics properly. The cost of keeping an old computer in storage can run from $200 to $800 annually. Corporations are responsible for any assets that remain until they are released.

To provide recycling services in an efficient and effective manner while minimizing its carbon footprint. It’s not only good for your business but also for the planet. According to a recent National Safety Council study, about 300 million personal computers will need to go through recycling in the next four years. This includes 150 million computers that are currently unused and stored in storage. According to the EPA, about 80% of computer systems that are discarded today end up in landfills. This number is on the rise and we are trying to reduce it.

Computer equipment that is composed of up to 6.3% lead is considered hazardous waste. It is important to stop obsolete computer equipment poisoning our landfills and overflowing them. It is essential to follow proper computer recycling procedures. Ecycle Florida has maintained a “no dump” and “no-export” policy since its inception to protect the environment. A simple cost to store an old computer can run from $200-$800 per year. There are also soft costs such as disassembling and cleaning the computer, downtime during the move, and other legal and contractual costs. The corporation is liable for all assets until it is released.

Learn why Ecycle Florida is becoming a more popular choice for companies, cities, and governments to dispose of E-waste. We are looking forward to working together to create a long-term electronic recycling program that meets your needs.

Knowing what items can and cannot be recycled is one of the greatest barriers to recycling. We at Ecycle Florida can help you with this matter by contacting us today.