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Washer and Dryer disposal

Washer And Dryer Disposal shouldn’t be an economically hindering problem. When your equipment is down a laundry pile can build up over a week while you wait to remove and replace your faulty equipment!

What do you do about the old appliances taking up space in your house? We have compiled a list of the most popular washer and dryer disposal methods to help you choose the best washing machine. Before you decide to throw away your appliance with any junk removal company you find online, make sure you research your options for safe and compliant recycling. We at eCycle are a great option if you’re curious on how to dispose of washer and dryer! They can contain valuable parts and materials. 

Here are some great options when it comes to wanting to dispose of washer and dryer.

1. E-Waste Recycling Centers are the Best Option

Contacting a local electronics waste specialist is the best way to dispose of old appliances.

You see, washers and dryers have so much more than the scrap metal that they contain. These things are easy to handle, but I was reminded of the importance of an eco-friendly junk removal company by a recent visit to an e-waste recycling program. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff you have left after you remove all the metal scrap from the drum and its inner.

There are rubber tubes, pipes, and plastic components. Additionally, there are quite a few electronic parts, cables, and even a few rubber tubes. These parts are the most difficult to recycle correctly, which is why e-waste recycling providers are specialized in. It’s more than just about separating them into recyclable materials by hand. In the case of cables or electronic components, there is a special process to break them down into metal and plastic.

2. Local Scrap Yard

These companies will remove the appliances from their disposal to collect all valuable metals. They will usually then collect all remaining materials and send them to e-waste disposal facilities. Some scrap yards also have electronic goods processing capabilities.

Scrap yards may also offer junk removal services, where they take your old dryers and washing machines away for free. Although you might not make much money with the older appliances, they can save you time and effort.

3. Municipal Waste Center

It is important to remember that you cannot dispose of your old appliances by placing them in your garbage. Your municipal waste center will likely have a program that collects all sizes of small and large appliances. It’s usually free, provided you don’t forget to drop off the dryer or washing machine.

4. Departmental Stores Haul Away Programs

A great way to recycle appliances is to have your oldwasher and dryer disposal happen at the same moment as your new appliances arrive.

5. Manufacturers’ Recycling Programs

Some manufacturers, such as LG have begun offering their recycling programs. This is often driven by corporate efforts in order to help their businesses achieve a net-zero eco-footprint. Similar recycling services are offered by Bosch and Whirlpool.

They can also be more involved in the disposal of their old devices, which is a win-win situation from an eco-conscience standpoint. The only way to determine if a manufacturer has a washing machine or dryer disposal service is to contact them. Many companies also make this a major point in their marketing materials. They may even offer a free collection for customers who have purchased a more efficient model.

6. Donate your Washing Machine

This is a very important option If your dryer or washing machine is still in good working order.

Appliances that are not energy- and water-efficient can be thrown out by some people. If the appliance is still in good condition, there are many options to prolong its lifespan.

This not only extends the life of appliances but could also be a significant help to people with limited resources.

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