What Can Concerned Citizens Do About E-Waste
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What Can Concerned Citizens Do About E-Waste

What Can Concerned Citizens Do About E-Waste

Technology has dramatically changed our lives as it is integrating into every field of life. The electronic devices consist of copper, aluminum, platinum, cobalt, lithium, palladium, and various other hazardous chemicals. These chemicals of electronic materials are dangerous for the environment and human health. When we discard this e-waste, the toxic materials seep into the soil and create disastrous effects all around. If we talk just about the U.S, it produces 9.4 million tons of e-waste that goes to landfills, and obviously, this all affects everyone globally. Issues of e-waste are alarming. Do you want to help with the e-waste issue? So, you can contribute to saving your planet and the people living in it? Here is how.

Do you know electronics also contain some valuable and reusable material? Therefore, we will elaborate on what you can do with e-waste as a concerned citizen in this article. Let’s begin!

Six E-Waste Solutions that We all Can Adopt – Easier Yet Effective

Follow the stated methods to make your motherland free from such harmful, polluting, and disastrous waste. If you are looking for an accurate and reliable company, eCycle Florida is the always-ahead perfect ever choice.

  1. Start From Office

We all are pretty well aware that most of the electronic waste is produced by businesses. Here you can perform your part by requesting an e-waste business to pick the e-waste up. 

  1. Act and Spread the Words

The e-waste crisis is terrifying, especially if they fly under the radar. That is why in many places, especially in San Francisco, it is a crime to throw electronic waste in the garbage. They are recommended to properly dispose of such material so they cannot contaminate soil and drinking water. Being a good citizen, you can play your significant part by recycling the electronic material and convincing the surrounding people.

  1. Repair and Extend the Life

You can also increase your electronic device’s life as it is crucial to make the world free from terrifying chemicals. You can reduce your demand for new gadgets by considering repairing and reusing the existing ones.

  1. Enjoin Companies to Embrace the Circular Economy

Currently, only 12.5% of gadgets are recycled, it is needed to increase the figure to rejuvenate those into the new products. In this way, more and more new devices can be prepared, and the number of onboard companies will increase, and the economy will circulate.

  1. Give the Value to Electronics

We use 7,500 tons of silver and 320 tons of other metals annually to make computers in the entire world. Similarly, we can retrieve 75 pounds of gold, 35,274 pounds of copper, and 772 pounds of silver by recycling one million cell phones. Isn’t it interesting? Hence, we can recycle our worn-out material to help create many laptops, mobiles, and cell-phones via the same metals rather than using new ones. 

  1. Identify a Dedicated Recycling Company

Whenever you give your e-waste to any company, ensure that whether it responsibly handles the e-waste or not. 

Ensure that you are giving your e-waste to reliable and environment-friendly R2 Certified recyclers.

Our Takeaway for E-waste

Being a responsible and concerned citizen, you are supposed to follow the above-stated methods to free your Earth from E-waste. You can contact us today at Ecycles, a dependable company that is enthusiastic about making your motherly planet free from e-waste.

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