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What Happens To Your Old Electronics after Dumping and Recycling

What Happens To Your Old Electronics after Dumping and Recycling  

Life without electronics is complicated, arduous, tedious, and will feel as if we are in the stone age. We always love to grab the latest and updated electronic models and throw out old ones. Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself ‘What Happens To Your Old Electronics after Dumping and Recycling?’?

What about the devastating chemicals and toxic metals of these electronics? Where do these heavy metals and flame retardants go from landfills and dump areas? Are you wondering about it now?

No worries, we have written this article for you to make you aware of what happens with old electronics despite dumping or low recycling. Yes, poor recycling doesn’t mean things are happening accurately with e-waste.

How E-waste is Normally Handled:

  • When e-waste is shipped into other countries, they mismanage the use of the e-waste that pollutes the environment, then sooner or later, everyone globally suffers.
  • Seldomly, countries burn or use other imperfect ways of retrieving the metals from the e-waste that is too polluted and toxic worldwide.
  • Workers don’t use appropriate equipment to handle the e-waste, and they breathe in high-level poisonous chemicals that lead them to chronic disease. When such suffering people breathe out, again the toxic chemicals go into the atmosphere. 
  • In many countries, there are not any appropriate rules or regulations for recycling operations. Workers use unsatisfactory ways of recycling that are as dangerous as dumping. Quite a sad deal!
  • Many workers are only keen to grab the money by selling the metals of e-waste, so they use unreliable shortcuts harmful to the environment and human health.

Poor E-Recycling is as Worse as Dumping

If you throw away your old-electronic on a heap or dump it somewhere carelessly, its chemicals will leak and drain onto the ground. These seeped chemicals will contaminate the water as well.

Similarly, if you use improper and informal ways to recycle e-waste, it is also as disastrous as dumping.

In both ways, harmful and toxic chemicals will interfere with human and animal health, plant growth, and marine life development. 

It means that e-waste keeps harming the planet until you don’t handle it in professional ways. So, till here, it is evident what happens with your old electronics.

Let’s discuss another integral point – what should you need to do with outdated or outmoded Rs e-waste! Explore to nip the issue from the bud!

How to Maneuver Old-Electronics- Reliable Yet Effortless Way

The real and right way to manipulate your e-waste is to hand it to reputable recyclers in your surroundings. Contact Ecycles, a team of dedicated recyclers who are interested in keeping the planet safe, healthy, and clean.

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