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Electronic waste is a term used to describe unusable electronics or electrical components. This includes everything from old computers to hard drives, cell phones, and video camera recycling. Electrical components and products contain dangerous metals and toxic chemicals, such as mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. These contaminants are not only harmful to the environment but can also cause cancer and damage to the nervous system.

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Some states prohibit the disposal of electronics and encourage communities to recycle these devices. Some states, such as Michigan, have passed laws that require manufacturers to remove unwanted products or unused items to reduce ewaste in landfills, waterways and green spaces.

This article will explain why it is better to recycle video cameras than dispose of them.

Recycling or Disposal?

The technology is changing so quickly that old VCRs and VHS systems, which used photographic film, have been replaced by digital versions. Most consumers toss old electronic devices into the trash, not realizing that they contribute to toxic waste pollution.

The plastic and electronic components of any camera will end up on landfills, where they will leach into the soil. Video cameras should be recycled to reduce environmental risks for air, soil, drinking water and animals and plants.

Why do consumers throw away cameras instead of recycling? People are primarily concerned about images or videos that might still be stored on the device. It is understandable that you would be concerned about this. Instead, you should take the device to an electronic recycling facility where all data is destroyed.

Please recycle any outdated video recording devices, including those that are broken, have a Lithium-Ion Battery or do not serve a useful purpose. The environment will be grateful!

The Video Camera Recycling Process

It is safest to recycle your video camera at an electronic recycling facility that has a program for recycling video cameras and accepts new donations. The recycling process can include several stages once you have given your video camera to the proper recycling center.

  1. Disassembly : The video camera will be completely disassembled and all the parts will be sorted according to their usefulness (if the parts can still be used).
  2. Data destruction: The hard drive of the video camera is degaussed, or wiped clean with a magnetic device. This destroys all information.
  3. Shred: Certain components are then shred and separated for further recycling. Others are discarded in order to reduce the impact of landfills.
  4. Separation: The majority of recyclable materials are separated by water or magnetic separation. This allows them to be collected and reused.

Check these Factors Before Recycling

Before you take your images, videos or other data to a recycle center, download and save the files you wish to keep.

You can refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer (or to one of the many tutorials on the Internet) to find out how to transfer videos from your camera onto a memory card, such as a flashdrive or an external hard drive.

Some older cameras have SSD storage devices, or an old VHS style capture card which can be plugged in to a computer.

Don’t forget to donate the accessories of your camera, such as charging cables and docks. These can be recycled or re-used!

Video Camera Recycling Services

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