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Where To Dispose Of E-waste In Tampa

Where To Dispose Of E-waste In Tampa

E-waste is an ongoing problem that is growing very quickly. All over the United States electronic waste is piling up and it’s estimated that we will produce nearly 50,000,000 tons of E-waste each year. The reason that electronic waste is continuing to pile up is the demand for new electronic devices. Electronic device sales are through the roof and it’s filling up landfills at a record pace. If you live in the Tampa Bay Area and wondering where to dispose of E-waste in Tampa then contact eCycle Florida.

Electronic waste is commonly categorized as electronic equipment that is outdated and discarded. Many people have a tendency to throw out all devices after the upgrade and this often leads to E-waste sitting in a landfill unable to properly degrade. Currently, we are only recycling 10% of our electronic waste in an environmentally friendly manner. It’s very tempting to throw out old devices but these items are likely to sit in a landfill for years to come and degrade very slowly with the materials that they are made up of. Plastics, metals, and more take generations to break down and they can commonly cause a variety of environmental issues as the components leach into the groundwater supply.

E-waste Is a Danger

E-waste can contain a series of chemicals which are fine if they are kept in their dorm and format within a working electronic device. When the components are mishandled or when they have the chance to sit idle in soil for many years, the various components like beryllium, lead, flame retardant materials and more have a tendency to Legion of the surrounding soil and produce negative effects for the environment. 

Improper electronic waste disposal often involves the mishandling of materials and this means that many of the places that dispose of e waste are simply recovering the valuable materials and dumping the invaluable materials to cause this environmental damage anyway. 

Many electronic waste distributors simply gather the necessary components from electronic waste only to then ship off the harmful components so they can be burned or placed in a landfill where this disposal method is legal. This solution for electronic waste can be harmful to the environment and it is an irresponsible way to manage electronic waste components. 

How To Manage Ewaste effectively

Working with a professional company like ours can make sure that you can limit your impact with E-waste. Our team can help to reduce waste in landfills by properly disposing and re distributing E-waste in Tampa. It’s our goal to remove every possible component that can be reused or recycled from your electronic waste and ensure that it’s diverted from a landfill properly. We work to remove a series of harmful components and dispose of them using the right methods. 

Rather than simply shipping off harmful components, we take every effort to distribute working electronics and support full electronic waste disposal as it is required to save our landfills and environment. We remove any harmful components and dispose of them in a safe manner. Only what electronics have been completely stripped down for safety and useful components will we start the process of placing the components into disposal. 

Residents of Tampa and the surrounding region need to take a stand against E-waste. By working together with a team like ours, we can appropriately reuse and refurbish a variety of E-waste and make sure that we can divert it from landfills. Making every possible use of the components and disposing of items in a safe way will make sure that we can work together to save Florida ecosystems. Rather than letting E-waste continue to pile up in landfills, we want to offer the best solution for your needs in electronic waste disposal. Contact us now and we will work to help you through the process of disposing of your electronic waste.

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