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E Waste Management

Why would you need e waste management? Your IT assets, including your hardware, have a limited life span. You will eventually have to remove them from service and replace them with newer hardware. What happens to the hardware that is still in use? It’s not enough to just throw out a computer. You must ensure that all data is deleted from the machine before you dispose of it. You should be aware of the serious security implications.

This post will explore e waste Management, which is the safe and secure disposal of IT assets. We’ll also discuss why it’s important.

What Is E Waste Management?

E-waste management is the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of IT assets. It contains components that can be dangerous if they are exposed to the air. It is important to dispose of them safely.

Hardware can also contain sensitive data. It is important that you do not allow proprietary information to fall into the wrong hands. Data must be destroyed by companies (also known as data destruction, or data sanitization), so that they are not at risk.

A certificate proving that electronic waste disposal was done securely will be issued to you by an organization that has effectively managed it.

E-Management Is Important

Why is e-waste disposal so important for companies? Three reasons.

  • Your IT department lacks the tools necessary to effectively do this job.
  • Ineffective e waste management techniques can lead to data breaches
  • Companies that fail to securely destroy their data will be refused government, defense and intelligence agency cooperation
  • Respect regulations

Your IT Department Doesn’t Have The Tools To effectively manage E-Waste

IT departments lack the tools to manage waste effectively. Wiping a device or drive is their go-to method. Wiping can erase a lot of data but it won’t completely remove it.

Blancco Technology Group reported that 11% of the 200 hard drives were still carrying corporate data. This means that if you have any data, you are at risk of a cyber attack. This brings us to the next point.

Ineffective E-Waste Management Techniques Create Data Breach Risks

We tend to picture hackers in dark rooms, hunched over keyboards when we hear “data breach.” Hackers can bypass networks, but it’s not uncommon for data breaches to occur. However, physical theft has a significant impact on cybersecurity.

Theft can be rampant if e-waste management systems aren’t secured. The sixth most smuggled commodity worldwide is electronics. Electronic theft occurs while the electronic is in transit. 11% of the thefts occur while the electronics are stored in a warehouse, awaiting disposal.

A 2018 study found that 25% of data breaches were caused by negligence. Data breaches can be costly. Each stolen record costs companies $150. Companies could face penalties at the federal or local level as well as reputational damage. A company that is negligent about security will not be welcomed into the business world.

Government, Defense, And Intelligence Agencies Won’t Want To Work With You

You are expressing your disinterest in e-waste management and indicating that you don’t want to do business in highly regulated sectors such as intelligence, government, defense, or defense.

These companies are subject to strict rules regarding who they can do business with and under what conditions. They need to be assured that IT assets will not be destroyed in a way that compromises confidential information. Your e waste management vendor must issue a certificate to government, defense and intelligence agencies so that they can verify that the data has been destroyed completely.

Contracts with government agencies can be very lucrative. Working with intelligence and defense agencies allows you to tap into new markets and take advantage of new opportunities. You must show that you are serious about data security in order to do this.

Respect Of Regulations

Even if your business is not with government agencies or intelligence agencies, it’s possible that you are in an industry with regulations regarding how information is managed. You could face severe penalties if you don’t properly dispose of your e-waste

You can be sure that your compliance is maintained by working with an experienced e-waste management company. A certificate can be presented to your compliance manager certifying that equipment and data were disposed of in accordance with regulations.

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