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Why You Should Destroy Old Data At Ecycle Florida

Why You Should Destroy Old Data At Ecycle Florida

Never in history has so much information been produced, it’s essential that you destroy old data the correct way. The world is probably producing more information every second than it did in the entire 19th century! With so much data that includes everything from your holiday photos to your social security number to every email, you and everyone else on Earth have even written – some of it goes missing. 

Why Destroy Old Data With eCycle Florida

We have all heard of the people who leave laptops and memory sticks containing our personal details on trains or in taxis. But what few people realize is just how easy it is to get deleted data from old computers. You’ll find out soon why E recycling is so important and why you should call Ecycle Florida before you throw out your old electronics. Unfortunately, if you don’t destroy old data by destroying the actual hard drive, and a growing number of criminals realize this, and an illicit industry called cyber fraud has exploited the ‘mining’ of data, such as banking passwords and credit card numbers, addresses, and details from people’s CVs in discarded computers. These details are then sold on the dark web to people who can make use of them. People go to auctions, buy cheap second-hand PCs, snag the hard drive and send valuable data to criminals.Destroy Old Data

Keep Your Information Safe With eCycle

 A consumer protection magazine recently reported that it managed to recover 22,000 ‘deleted’ files from eight computers it bought online! One unfortunate seller was emailed by a hacker in Latvia who had got a hold of his old hard drive and had obtained his bank and mortgage details. He emailed a personal photograph contained on the disk as proof and tried to extort the seller for money. Deleting your old files isn’t enough! Recycling your hard drive is the only safe way to keep your confidential information safe. As we trust our computers more and more, criminals are having a field day with those who don’t recycle their hard drives. Think, your average PC hard disk drive can store an extraordinary 200 gigabytes of data.

What Happens!?

That means you can store millions of photos, libraries of books, movies, and endless music tracks. Not to mention, thousands of “private” emails and passwords. Most people assume that if you delete a file from your computer’s memory and then empty the ‘wastebasket’ that is on your desktop (and maybe run a ‘disk clean-up’ for good measure), the file is gone for good without destroying the hard drive at eCycle Florida. When you just delete your sensitive information and throw it out instead of Recycling your computer, the hard drive and be recovered if a hacker runs a few easily accessible scripts that reconstruct your file structure and reload the hard drive’s index. All that happens when you delete is the index getting erased!

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