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One of the biggest electronics we throw away is a tv, and this article will explain why you should recycle your TV.

Why You Should Recycle Your TV 

It is incredible how quickly advances in technology come. While these leaps make our lives both easier and better, there is a dark side to these ever-present updates in technology: e-waste. One of the biggest electronics we throw away is a tv, and this article will explain why you should recycle your TV.

With millions of households constantly updating their technology all across the United States, there are also millions of households that find themselves with old tech that they need to get rid of. One of the products that Americans end up getting rid of a lot more often than we probably realize is televisions. 

While it may be very tempting for everyone to simply take their old TV out to the curb for their weekly trash pickup when they upgrade to a brand new TV, this is absolutely far from ideal when it comes to the environment. There are better ways to get rid of your old TVs, but it can be a little more complicated than simply taking them to the local landfill, as a lot of these centers will not accept TVs and electronics, and even if they do, TVs sitting in landfills are terrible threats to the environment. Because of all of this, it is important that when you have a TV to get rid of you recycle it. 

Why recycle?

When it comes to getting rid of some of the older types of TVs hanging around your home, you will want to lean towards recycling instead of simply throwing them into a landfill because some of these units have harmful, toxic chemicals that require specific handling in order to take care of. Simply dropping these units into a landfill can result in these chemicals and toxins getting into the air, leaching into the water system, and damaging the drinking water. 

How do I recycle my old TV?

The first thing you will want to do when looking to recycle your old TV unit is to find the proper recycling facility that will properly handle the unit and not just send it off to a landfill. A lot of these facilities will take your old TVs but may require a small fee for handling the situation. 

If you are unable to find a facility or do not have the ability to take your old TV to one, you can also find a company to haul your TV and other e-waste you may have to lay around away to the proper facilities. Another option for those with older, but still functioning TVs is to simply sell it off so that there is no need to waste or recycle a functioning product. 

For more information

If you are looking for more information on how to recycle your television in Florida, contact us for some quality, professional information. Our team of experienced pros can help you make sure that your television as well as any other e-waste you may have is taken care of properly, and delivered to the right recycling and waste centers. 

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